Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Nurse said "You have 21 stitches".

I have been calculating how many stitches that i had recently and i found that the number that the nurse said was not true. He told me that i had 21 stitches. But when i counted again. i realise that he mis-counted 2 more. It should be 23. You guys can help me count if u are curious too.

You guys may look back to the other picture because this picture is not that clear. Oh ya i also forgotten to tell you all that i have this wound at my left calf.(in between my knee and ankle)

2nd Worst Accident of My Life

What a sad and tragic night when the incident happen to me again.
For those who didn't really get to know how i got my new V-shaped scar, i would re-live the situation.

It all happen on the first day of my Final Exam (20th Apr) where i just had my first 2 papers.
Oh it was very stress alright cos i had to sit for 2 papers on that day.
First paper in the morning is TITAS(tamadun islam dan tamadun asia)
Then in the afternoon was my Dynamics And Mechanism.
And i was quite sure that i ace both that paper.
Well my battle continues at night where i need to get ready for my next paper tomorrow (21st Apr) for it is SHE (Hubungan Etnik).

Well at night it rained like it could flood the whole USM. i was like talking heavy heavy rain that night with strong winds blowing into the dorm. Well that night me and my roommate was like quite hungry too due to the rain. Then i, (the hungry one) suggested that we go have supper. But my roommate said later. So i was like OK. So i thought of taking a cup of Milo to warm myself up.

Then the most important part of the story begins.
I was on my way walking along the corridor to downstairs to get some hot water. (cos the hot water is only available at lower floor) There were signs on the floor indicating that its wet. Then i did not realise that there was a puddle of rain water just before the stairs. My leg step into the surface and i slipped. Unfortunately when i slipped my leg was sliding towards the edge of the wall. There was a collision between my leg and the edge of the wall. The mug that i was holding fell to floor and broke into pieces. Then without time to react, i was found laying on the floor. I tried to get up but then i realised that my flesh has torn apart and i can see my bone embedded below the layer of flesh. I was like oh shit. "This is a nasty accident".

Then of all i knew was i must stay calm and everything is alright. The sound of the broken ceramic caught the attention of everyone. Then i saw my roommates coming out of their room. I told my buddy/roommate (Kok Weng) to tell Penggawa what had happened to me. Then i also called upon my buddy/roommate (Hock Soon) to call 999 and report the incident. While we were waiting for the ambulance to come (it took them 30 mins to arrive) there was a crowd of people around the dorm to see what was happening. All that i know was i am laying there with a torn flesh and laying on that puddle of rain water. I still managed to ask my roommate to help me take photo of my leg. One of them even said, "U don look nervous or anything and still managed to laugh". Then the ambulance guy came and took me away. I can still walk downstairs with the help of 2 guys. One is the Pak Gad and the other one is my buddy also(Kong Yi). The funny thing is that kong yi weigh at around 40kg only and he had to support someone twice his size.

Then we are on our way to Parit Buntar Hospital, where i was being cleaned my wound and shaved again. But this time my legs were being shaved by a guy. Then i was told that he is going to put iodine and its going to hurt a bit. HE LIED. It hurt like HELL. i was screaming till the people 20 meters away can hear me. And the pain lasted for minutes. but then i was being given an injection of pain killer. That relieved my pain. Then when the screaming was all over. My friends come by to see how is my progress.(Hock Soon, Kok Weng, Kong Yi and Soo Eu)

Then i was taken to the X-ray. And the guy comes in and positions my leg and took a pictures of my leg to make sure that my leg is not fractured. And when i get to know the results. i jumped for joy because i was informed that is no fracture. The moment when i scream louder is here. The guy is going to stitch me up. I was given local anesthetic and a blanket to soothe away the pain. The first time when he put the needle inside my flesh it felt like i was a victim in the horror movie SAW where he has to drag my skin closer to my other skin so that it is stickes together. All the pain i had to put through when i was being stitched 21 times just to get the torn flesh close together again and the result looked like this.

Thats what happened to me on that night. Then the four of them fetch me home to USM. Where Soo Eu is the driver. Then i was glad that everything was over. Then i went on to have my remaining paper with a wounded leg.
Tuesday (21st Apr) - SHE Hubungan Etnik
Wednesday (22nd Apr) - Fluid Dynamics
Friday (24th Apr) - Metrology and Quality Control

Virgin No More !!!

Oops . i mean virgin no more when it comes to blogging..
At last i have also become one of the people who speaks out to strangers for no reason.

Though i have said to myself that i want to start my own blog right after my final paper which is on last Friday (24th Apr).
I have decided to postponed due to the lagging in the connection at my Uni and also lagging in my willpower to do it.

I will make a promise to myself that will try to blog about anything (cos i know that i would be lazy to blog). The weather, myself, my love life, my family, my dream, my goals, my targets, my achievements, my physique, my likes, my dislikes, my everything.